“Within these pages, James Robison unpacks his journey as an invitation to each reader to see what God can do with any willing life. . . . This I can testify as an eyewitness: James Robison has lived amazed. We can too.”

Beth Moore, New York Times bestselling author and Bible teacher

“We’ve spent considerable time with James Robison over the years—on the mission field, in the LIFE Today studio, and in his home. We live amazed at how God has used him for decades to be salt and light to people who are hungry for the gospel. The stories in these pages will awaken something within you—a desire to make a difference in the world around you.”

John and Lisa Bevere, Messenger International

“James’s life has had such a profound influence on Gateway Church, as well as on my life and who I am today. . . . God is an amazing God and desires His amazing kids to live an amazing life, and James clearly shows us how to do that. I believe this book has the potential to change your life.”

Robert Morris, founding senior pastor of Gateway Church and bestselling author of The Blessed Life, Truly Free, and Frequency

“James Robison has hit a homerun with Living Amazed. Chapter after chapter of intriguing stories, and I’m amazed to see how God has used him and his wife, Betty. His boldness should be an inspiration to us all that we have nothing to fear when living for Jesus Christ.”

Andy Pettitte, former MLB pitcher for the New York Yankees and Houston Astros

“I have known James Robison for half a century. These wonderful remembrances of God’s amazing grace in his life will inspire anyone who reads this remarkable story.”

Dr. Richard Land, president of Southern Evangelical Seminary

“My dear friend James Robison has combined the truths in Scripture with real-life examples that will touch your very soul. His transparency in each story allows you a glimpse into all that is possible for one who is fully devoted to Christ.”

Jentezen Franklin, senior pastor of Free Chapel and New York Times bestselling author

“For anyone who has ever felt spiritually unusable, burned out, overwhelmed, or overlooked, please read this book. You will find yourself again through these pages, and your spirit will come alive again. I was inspired through countless stories, in ways I haven’t felt in a long time. God still longs to do mighty and amazing things with our lives that will accomplish His purpose and plan for each of us. Look for Him. Be available. Be willing. Be amazed!”

Tammy Trent, author of Learning to Breathe Again

“James Robison is a big man in love with a big God by whose grace he has lived a big life. This book and Robison’s amazing stories will bless, inspire, and encourage you to live boldly and enjoy the ride!”

Mark Rutland, PhD, president of Global Servants

“James has touched the lives of millions in a positive way, and Living Amazed is an account of how and why it happened. Absolutely inspirational! A must-read for everyone.”

David Glass, former president and CEO of Wal-Mart

“James Robison is the most lucid and forceful speaker I have ever known. He is also one of the most balanced and loving leaders I have ever met in the church over the past thirty years. His testimony is a truth-tale of God’s sovereign work in bringing a boy out of a ruinous past—and then, by God’s power, raising up a man who would bring hope, health, healing, and the workings of God’s hand through him into play wherever he goes. His is a story of sovereign grace, achieving sovereign works through a lifestyle submitted to the sovereign rule of Almighty God.”

Jack Hayford, chancellor of The King’s University

“While in seminary, I studied every evangelist from the New Testament to the present day for my dissertation. One remarkable achievement I discovered was that James Robison had preached to more people face-to-face by the age of thirty than any other evangelist in all of history! It is my prayer that through the pages of this book, you get a better look at the man I have come to love and respect as one of the greatest Christian leaders of all time.”

Frank Harber, PhD, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and JD, Texas A&M School of Law

“James Robison is a guy whose message captures the attention and love of anyone who has a heartbeat. His book Living Amazed is a personal tribute to the God who called James to an unexpectedly enormous, worldwide ministry. As he shares his story, you will laugh, think, and cry, realizing Jesus is indeed in all things.”

Marilyn Meberg, author, Women of Faith speaker, and Bible teacher

“I have known James Robison more than fifty years . . . even having the privilege to serve as best man in his wedding. His commitment to his calling has never wavered, and he is still going strong. When James speaks, you hear his heart and you are moved as the Holy Spirit speaks to you. You will be moved in the same way as you read the pages of this book. Get ready to be blessed!”

Dr. Billy C. Foote, evangelist

Living Amazed will help you see life differently. I have known James Robison for more than thirty years, and he has lived an amazing life . . . sharing Christ all over the world to anyone who will listen—on television, in stadiums, and in convenience store parking lots. Sharing Christ is his passion. James has inspired me, and the insights he shares in this book will capture the attention of anyone wanting to live amazed!”

Michael Ellison, founder and president of Ellison Media Company

“I met James Robison in 1966 when we were both college students. I was amazed at his confidence in God, especially considering the circumstances of his childhood. To anyone paying attention, his life obviously reflects the amazing grace of our God who works things according to the counsel of His own will.”

Dudley Hall, president of Kerygma Ventures and consultant and contributor to Stream.org

“Of the many superlatives we could use to describe what marks and characterizes James’s life, the most fitting is the one most people might least expect—love. Overwhelming, life-changing love. It is the radical stuff that transforms the giver and the receiver. It begins with the love of God shed abroad in our hearts, but it never ends. Just like James’s Spirit-led encounter with a group of young people whose friend had died in an accident, which is described in the book, it ripples through life, leaving the unmistakable print of the finger of God on everyone it touches. This book is an unexpected encounter with Jesus, in all His mystery, wonder, beauty, and love.”

Bishop E. W. Jackson, founder and President of STAND (Staying True to America’s National Destiny)

“I have known James and Betty for almost twenty-five years. His life—his story—continues to inspire me. He is one of the most authentic and honest men I’ve ever known and, oh, how he loves. These pages not only tell a story of a remarkable life . . . but this also is an amazing blueprint to use to navigate my own path and circumstances as I learn more and more how to live and love like James Robison.”

Chonda Pierce, comedian, author, recording artist